Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement

Our privacy policy is simple and concise because any data or personal information we gather and store is kept private and only you, the user, have the ability to share it. We understand that these updates you make are a very personal part of your health journey. Please notice, you have to set a secret pin to keep your profile 100% private.

KINDLED CONCEPTS, LLC ("us" or "we") own and operate the tools and content available inside this website. The files hosting our tools and intellectual property being with "ps_" and end with ".php".

This privacy policy pertains only to these pages and tools within the website.

Photos are technically, publicly available, but we use a date and time based algorithm to name the files. What this means is, no one can access these photos other than employees that operate this website without knowing a very long, complex and coded filename.

Any information provided to us that we gather is given by you, the user, voluntarily. We store this on our servers and keep it secure in our databases. We will delete any and every trace of your account if requested. We also reserve the right to delete any content created with our tools.

If you have any question, please contact us